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Serving New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset and Devon, Wessex Tree Surgeons will ensure your trees are healthy and well-looked after. From crown thinning and reshaping through to tree pollarding, felling and stump grinding, we are experts in tree asset management and maintenance.

Quality you can count on

Wessex Tree Surgeons are fully committed to providing quality arboricultural services. All tree surgery, tree felling and tree care operations undertaken by our tree surgeons is done so in accordance with British Standard BS 3998:2010 – Tree work - Recommendations and the European Tree Pruning Guide, 1999. 

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements on-site and provide a free quotation together with a detailed written specification. For more information about how we can assist you, contact us today.
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Tree care

Safe, environmentally friendly tree surgery

We provide customised pruning to meet individual requirements with regard to:
  • Safety of people and property
  • Referral to British Standard BS 3998 and industry best practice
  • Wildlife and habitats
Common pruning operations undertaken by Wessex Tree Surgeons include formative pruning, pruning to remove defects and improve the overall form of young trees, and dead wood risk management.

Dead branches are shortened or if necessary removed if they pose an unacceptable risk to people or property with regard to maintenance of dead wood habitats. Wessex Tree Surgeons acknowledges the recent practice guide produced by the Forestry Commission 2012 detailing the management of dead wood.

We specialise in all aspects of tree surgery

Crown lifting
Crown lifting involves removing the lowest branches to increase light and clearance beneath the canopy. Pruning to achieve a desired vertical clearance above ground level.

Crown reduction and reshaping
Crown reduction and reshaping is the removal of the ends of branches by a specified length to suitable growth points to reduce the height or spread of the crown of the tree, or to reshape an unbalanced crown. 

Fruit tree pruning
Annual pruning of free-standing or orchard trees and trained trees such as espaliers, cordons, pyramids and fans.
Crown thinning
Crown thinning is the removal of a specified percentage of secondary branches from within the crown. This is done to reduce the density of foliage, leaving an evenly spaced branch structure. Carrying out crown thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree. By reducing the foliage density, you will allow more light to pass through the tree. What's more, it also helps to reduce wind resistance.

Pollarding is the removal of all growth back to a pre-determined pollard framework of larger limbs (normally on a cyclical pollarding programme). Historical pollarding is often associated with the urban build environment. 

Professional tree care and protection

At Wessex Tree Surgeons, we take a comprehensive approach in the provision of tree surgery and tree care services. From rigid bracing and tree protection to the propping and flexible restraint systems, we offer a range of tree care services throughout the New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset and Devon.
Propping is used to provide a physical restraint with pruning. In some situations, propping is used in place of pruning. An example of when this would be used is to when managing long, heavy and low branches that are liable to fail. The retention of such branches can be a critical factor in ensuring the safety of a tree and extending its usefulness and life expectancy.

Air spade
The air spade service offered by Wessex Tree Surgeons is a state-of-the-art excavation tool that uses great volumes of compressed air to remove and break up the soil. 

The air spade tool can be used in the following scenarios:
  • The diagnosis of tree diseases and the extent of any decay without excessive root damage
  • Aeration to reduce soil compaction
  • To carry out trenching with minimum disturbance of roots during construction projects
Tree protection
Wessex Tree Surgeons provide the installation of barriers and/or ground protection on demolition and construction sites. Vertical barriers are erected to create a construction exclusion zone compliant with British Standard BS 5837: 2012 ‘Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations’. Ground protection during demolition and construction is advised by Wessex Tree Surgeon’s Senior Arboricultural Consultant.

Flexible restraint systems
A flexible restraint is a system of cables and ropes constructed within the crown of a tree to reduce the probability of failure of one or more structurally weak elements under excessive movement. Wessex Tree Surgeons maintain historic invasive flexible restraint systems. The flexible restraint method now used is Cobra crown bracing systems. 

Rigid bracing
Supply and install bespoke steel components to prevent the independent movement of adjacent parts of the tree that form a weak structure. 
Stump grinding

Tree felling and stump grinding

Tree Felling
Tree felling is the removal of dead and dangerous trees in a safe and controlled manner which may involve the use of mobile elevated working platforms, telescopic cranes and modern rigging techniques. 

At Wessex Tree Surgeons, we carry out both sectional felling and straight felling. The former is carried out when trees are situated in confined space or where there are other restrictions, such as buildings. Straight felling is most commonly carried out when there is limited risk to people, property and protected species.

Stump Grinding
The stumps from felled trees can be mechanically removed using one of our range of specialised stump grinding machines which are operated by our fully qualified staff.


In direct support of the environmental policies adopted by Wessex Tree Surgeons, we offer to supply and install wildlife boxes in Devon, Hampshire, Dorset, New Forest and the surrounding areas. We have a wealth of experience working at height, and so you can trust your owl, bat or bird box is installed safely and efficiently.

Wessex Tree Surgeons has its own unique, site-specific risk assessment for commercial arboriculture, including a section on environmental considerations. Beyond this, the business also has its own Environmental Policy. Our staff are aware of the European Protected Species Habitat/Environmental Assessment and the measures needed to avoid impacts. Where protected species are thought to be present, we advise an ecological survey of sites is completed prior to any work being carried out. Where the risk assessment exposes bat activity, Wessex Tree Surgeons undertake climbing inspections with the use of an endoscope for visual assessment.
Tree surgery

Fully insured

Wessex Tree Surgeons are fully insured and would be delighted to provide a copy of our Insurance Certificate upon request.
  •  Public and Products Liability - £10,000,000
  •  Employers' Liability - £10,000,000
  •  Professional Indemnity - £2,000,000

Beyond professional tree surgery and tree care, including tree felling and stump grinding, Wessex Tree Surgeons can also be approached for hedge trimming, veteran tree care and arboricultural consultancy in Lymington, Hampshire, Devon, Dorset and New Forest. 

For more information, get in touch or call us directly using our contact details below.

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